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in da nutshellEdit

Reets have controlled the most of the Reetish Isles along with the three other kingdoms, Rictland, Rectland and Naelland. As the health status has gone worse with king of Reetland, Cameron the Expander (Cameron Hoss), the other kings are aware about Cameron's heirs lack of common sense and leadership.

King of Naelland (Malcolm Reddcey)' contacted the king of Rictland ('Bron Walsgrief) and queen of Rectland (Matheld Hortonwanley, aka. Lady of the Isle). They performed a meeting in region of Oldswarm, in the center of Rictland. These three had decided to rise in to rebellion against Reets, as Cameron would be dead. Island of Morth for Reetland, 


With countries

Map of Reetish isles (with countries)

With regions and waters

Map with counties and waters

  • Rictland Counties: 24
  • Rectland Counties: 13
  • Naelland Counties: 18
  • Reetland Counties: 60

The Faction LeadersEdit

Bron WalsgriefEdit

Bron Walsgrief

Bron Walsgrief, King of Rictland

Is the leader of Rictland. Born in 171, and is 28 years old now. He was crowned as the king in 
Kingdom of Rictland emblem

Banner of Rictland

age of 24, and has shown fine and generous leadership, as you can expect from the personality of ricts. His descendate is Bronn Walsgrief, his father, who died as 48 years old. Bron is calm of nature, but tall and strong of his physical abilities.

Malcolm ReddceyEdit

Malcolm Reddcey

Malcolm Reddcey, King of Naelland

Is the leader of Naelland. He has born in 162, and is 37 years old now. He was crowned as the 
Kingdom of Naelland emblem

Banner of Naelland

king of his land in age of 16. His 

ways of leadership have changed from unsure and innocent to decicive and mean. He is not favored by the serfs, but he has high authority in his court. His descendate is William Reddcey, his brother, who died in battle against the rebels in age of 21, after 2 yea

rs of ruling. He is short and weak of physical abilities, but clever and careful by mind.

Matheld HortonwanleyEdit

Kingdom of Rectland emblem

Banner of Rectland

Matheld Hortonwanley

Matheld Hortonwanley, Queen of Rectland

Is the leader of Rectland. She has born in 181, and is 17 years old. She has been crowned only 

recently, and her of leadership ways have been selfish and ruthless. Her descendate was Isaac Hortonwanley, and she was the only child he had. Isaac died at age of 38 to Ficleplague. Matheld is a strong woman, with slightly insane-considered mind.

Cameron the Expander (Cameron Hoss)Edit

Kingdom of Reetland emblem

Banner of Reetland

Cameron the Expander

Cameron the Expander

is the leader of Reetland. He has born in 154, and is 45 years old now, near to death. He is brutally scarred of his struggles to expand his country to further south to mainland. His leadership has been intelligent and fierce, but still generous. His descendate is Sherwyn Hoss, who died by assassination by unknown source. He is physically semi-fat and semi-strong, and has an addiction to authority and sovereignty.

Cameron is making death, and his only son, Lenn Hoss, will take the throne soon.

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